Meet Janet Hinz

Americans need to become critical thinkers.  There is too much polarization and the popularity of extremists continues to skyrocket through vehicles like cable TV and social media. I have formed Critical Thinking in the Real World with the mission of bringing civility and commonality back to our discussions on hot topics like politics, religion and social issues.   I am passionate about the need to teach people that there is a way to discuss issues without hurling personal insults and name-calling.  The goal is not persuasion, but understanding.

I am a college instructor, writer, and speaker with a master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University and a bachelor’s degree from Marquette University.

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Critical Thinking in the Real World


3 thoughts on “Meet Janet Hinz

  1. Just saw you on the Today Show. Congrats on your radio show and the Today Show exposure!
    From a fellow WFB resident,

  2. Great website. I love the radio show. Your articles are very thought provocing and right on target.

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