Character Really Does Count and Sometimes It Costs

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett demonstrated excellent character over the weekend and while he paid a significant price for it, the lesson he’s taught us all is extremely valuable.

It’s quite rare that we hear about something truly good a politician does and it’s so refreshing when it happens. Regardless of your political beliefs, Barrett’s recent actions prove he is worthy of praise and deserving of admiration.

What did exactly did Barrett do? It’s really quite simple. Someone needed help and cried out in distress. Barrett heard and went over to help. When Barrett’s efforts to calm the attacker didn’t seem to be working, he took out his cell phone to dial 911 and then he was brutally attacked.

Anthony J. Peters was arguing with his former girlfriend, reportedly over a custody issue for their daughter, and things quickly escalated. While the woman was not harmed, thanks to Barrett’s intervention, Barrett was severely injured. Peters brutally attacked Barrett with a metal police-style baton.

After a three hour surgery to repair his shattered hand and plastic surgery to repair a cut from his cheek to his nose, Barrett still faces oral surgery to fix broken teeth. He is healing and happy to be home now. Peters is in jail where he belongs.

This is a story worth telling because it’s about a man stepping in to help someone in distress. That’s heroic. Character counts, but it also costs.


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