Give Generously, But Be Smart About It

Even the most generous must be critical thinkers. Critical thinkers must question everything they are told as well as what they believe and even that which they consider to be common sense. As the holidays approach many requests for charitable donations will reach us through email, over the phone, at the mall, outside the grocery store and in church. It’s important to investigate before giving, however. That may sound very Scrooge-like, but it’s important to give intelligently. Not every charity is worthy of your hard-earned dollars.

Just because a charity has the words “national,” “American,” and “cancer” in its name doesn’t mean it is legitimate. Ask for more information and verify the claims before you hand over your cash or credit card information. It’s not Grinch-like to question things. It’s smart. For every bogus charity that gets your money, a legitimate organization is missing out.

Stick to what you know and those organizations close to your heart. Consider thinking ahead about how much you want to donate this season and where you can make the most impact. A donation of time in this tough economic situation could make a significant social contribution. Involve the whole family. This is an opportunity to set an example of critical thinking and social responsibility for your children.

Do you want to focus on feeding the hungry? How about contributing to research for a cure? Would you like to visit a nursing home? How about helping build a home for a needy family?

The possibilities are endless. Do some critical thinking and some research first and then contribute. Happy Holidays!


2 thoughts on “Give Generously, But Be Smart About It

  1. Janet,

    I just saw your segment on the Today show, and my ears perked up. I am a start up business as well, (one year old), and those are questions I asked of my CPA as well.

    I am interested in your radio show/ webcast. I am a professional organizer and speaker in San Antonio, Texas, and work with women each day in their homes and home offices. I assist them in paring down their home one room at a time, while giving them the tools to maintain it once we complete a project. I give many workshops and present to groups of all sizes in teaching them these same strategies.

    Would love to hear back from you regarding the possibiltiy of working together in 2010. I am preparing to give my first teleclass in January, and would be curious to see if you would have something to offer my clients as a guest speaker on my teleclass.

    Please contact me when you have a moment. Have a great day~

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