Advocating for Special Needs

Sarah Palin, Jenny McCarthy & Jeni Stepanek  are all mothers advocating for their children.  Yet Sarah Palin has been accused of exploiting her youngest son.  Since when is advocating for your child considered exploitation? 

Please check out the full text of my article on The Americano


One thought on “Advocating for Special Needs

  1. I guess by now we know that it’s Palin Derangement Syndrome at work and nothing else. All a conservative woman needs to do is become nationally prominent and she can do no right in the eyes of liberals.

    Cf. Kay Bailey Hutchison and Katherine Harris. They escaped the endless rounds of ad hominem attacks by going away. So far Palin has not gone away, and so the attacks have become ever more lunatic.

    She, Michelle Maklin and Ann Coulter could form a sisterhood for mutual support. But it’s interesting that unlike so many liberals facing criticism, they don’t seem to require that.

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