Tiger Woods and his Sponsors Should Focus on Golf

Tiger Woods is back on the golf course. His return to golf started well when he scored a birdie on the third hole of The Masters tournament in Augusta, Georgia on Thursday, April 8, 2010. But Nike is airing an ad that takes the focus off his golf skills. 

The new Nike TV commercial is a failure.  The black and white commercial has a voiceover with his late-father’s voice admonishing Tiger and features a pensive Tiger Woods wearing a Nike hat and vest.  He looks guilty.  The voice of Earl Woods says, “Tiger, I am more prone to be inquisitive; to promote discussion.  I want to find out what your thinking was.  I want to find out what your feelings are and did you learn anything.” 

Why would Tiger Woods approve this?  Why would Nike think this would rebuild his credibility and Nike’s as well?  The commercial is certainly is getting a lot of media exposure, however.  Perhaps that was Nike’s goal. 

Nike did stick with him while most sponsors dropped him.  Woods lost some $50 million in our endorsements deals as the scandal of his infidelities has unfolded since November. 

Public figures enjoy tremendous fortune and have high visibility.   It’s in their best interest to safeguard their favorable status with the American public.  Then they are rewarded with celebrity endorsements from companies eager to form a partnership with them.  When that happens, companies hope consumers will associate the goodwill they feel for the celebrity with their product.   

If a celebrity wants the endorsement contracts, he or she must meet expectations.  That means celebrities must not only excel in their professions, but behave without reproach in their private lives as well because everyone is watching and millions of dollars are at stake. 

While Tiger Woods is arguably the greatest golfer of this century, he’s lost many of his fans in light of the scandal. He should have stopped at one sincere public apology and then continued about what he does best—play golf.  That is all he should be speaking about.  In a press conference on Monday, Woods said, “That first tee, I’m looking forward to it. I haven’t looked forward to that tee shot in a long time, not like this. It feels fun again. You know, that’s something that’s been missing.” Statements like those are what will help to rebuild his image.  Focus on what you do well, not on what you’ve done wrong.

Nike’s newest commercial doesn’t help create the comeback story Americans love.  Critical thinkers should ask, why does Nike continue to use Tiger Woods?


2 thoughts on “Tiger Woods and his Sponsors Should Focus on Golf

  1. Why? Because Nike has a bad-boy image. Tiger fits their image better now than ever. He’s their biggest celebrity and money maker. Professional sports is filthy, big advertising is filthy, lucre is filthy, and so is Woods. It’s a match made in H_ _ _.

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