Happy 4th of July!

All across our nation, Americans are celebrating our country.  We throw ourselves a party each year to honor our freedom, each other and our way of life.  Many attended local parades with family and friends, followed by picnics and barbeques and are hoping to cap it all off with a fireworks display later tonight.

Today we focus on what we love most about this country as well as the things we want to improve.  Both are great expressions of the spirit of America. Whether you consider yourself to be a Republican, Democrat or Independent, we are all beneficiaries of this great nation.  July 4th is a wonderful day to recognize it. 

According to Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire, a new Pew Research survey finds that 83% of those surveyed say they are extremely proud to be Americans. “Interestingly, those who give President Obama the lowest job ratings — predominately Republicans and independents who lean Republican — also are more likely to say that they are extremely proud to be an American than are those who give the president more positive ratings.”

I asked Facebook fans to share what they love most about this country and received excellent responses.  Here are a few:

Ange said, “Freedom to do and say what we like.” 

Jan said, “Opportunities–and the chance to make the most of them!”

Tim said, “The inherited sworn duty- the obligation – to protect and respect the freedoms of those we disagree with.”

Matt said, “The of, the by and the for, and the notion that we the people are capable of doing all three.”

Jessica responded via Twitter saying, “Freedom, opportunity, capitalism and rock n’ roll.”

Whatever you like best about this country or whatever policies you disagree with, remember that one of the things that makes this country so appealing to past, present and future immigrants is our ability to freely discuss it all.  On this 4th of July, it’s important to reflect on that fact.


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