America Needs a Makeover

Our country needs a makeover.  From our political system, to the economy to our very selves, we need an overhaul.  We’ll talk about the upcoming elections, the Gulf Coast and personal physical improvements on tomorrow’s Critical Thinking in the Real World radio show. 

Americans are unhappy with our elected officials and the job government is doing.  According to the recent Washington Post-ABC News poll, public confidence in President Obama has hit a new low and approval of Congress is even worse. This has motivated Americans to act and political campaigns across the nation are fueled by a new enthusiasm and desire for considerable change. With the midterm elections less than four months away, now is the time to get involved.  We’ll talk about some of the candidates running for office and the latest strategies they are using to engage voters.

President Obama and his family will vacation on the Gulf Coast in August.  This trip will hopefully encourage tourism in a region hard hit by the BP Oil Spill and change perceptions that the beaches and resort areas have been devastated by this disaster.  The Gulf Coast businesses are the ones facing imminent disaster.  On their previous trips to the region, both the president and Mrs. Obama have made a point of encouraging people to visit Gulf Coast beaches that are open and oil-free to help boost an area economy battered by the sharp decline in tourism that followed the spill.  If you’d like to help by traveling to the Gulf Coast, we’ll speak to Sandy at Bayside Travel who will tell us about all the deals to be had.   

Have you ruled out cosmetic surgery because it’s too dangerous, invasive and expensive?  Gaile Coleman at Estetika Skin & Laser Specialists will tell us all about affordable non-surgical options including the latest in skincare, Thermage, Latisse, cosmetic dermatology, and facial & body rejuvenation. 

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