The Gap Between Critical Thinking and Losing Weight

On March 26, 2011 I posted a question on the Critical Thinking in the Real World Facebook page that’s been on my mind for quite some time.  When it comes to weight loss, why does critical thinking seem to go out the window? The question resonated with many and several posters offered their insight. 

Americans are obsessed with eating. The social aspect of eating is firmly rooted in primates.  Americans eat often and consume huge portions.  Unhealthy food is often the cheapest and easiest to obtain.  As a result, an obesity epidemic continues. 

People overeat for many reasons.  Some eat to relieve stress.  Others unknowingly consume much more than the recommended portion size. Eating out may contribute to obesity since many eat on the run and finish everything they pay for. 

The weight loss and fitness industry makes approximately $60 billion annually. If it’s a simple matter of eat less and exercise more, why are so many critical thinkers overweight? It is a complex issue. Emotions seem to overpower critical thought in this area quite frequently. Like many Americans, I also struggle with it.

I enjoy exercise. For the past six weeks, my husband and I have been doing a very intense workout program called Insanity.  It’s is a rigorous 60-day DVD series, but I’m enjoying the process.  Controlling what I eat remains difficult for me, however. I have a busy schedule. Teaching part-time while caring for my three children leaves me with little time to prepare meals. I skip meals and then eat what I can in a rush.

When I spoke to Mary Schreifels about ViSalus, I decided to try it. This is a new thing for me because I’ve never tried a meal replacement program.  The idea of taking meal preparation (except for snacks and one meal a day) off my agenda appeals to me. Since I prepare meals for our family, we’ll all continue to eat dinner together.

I’ve done Weight Watchers in the past and had success as have many of my friends. The reality is that I know what to eat, but I’m just not doing it and I don’t really want to attend weekly meetings. 

My children were very excited when the package arrived and each wanted to try it. The powder tastes a lot like cake mix.  I added skim milk and frozen mixed berries, blended it and we all tried it.  We agreed that it is a lot like a smoothie. The Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix arrived just in time for dinner and I was relieved not to have to figure out something to make myself tonight. 

My plan is to add this meal replacement program to my current fitness routine for the next 30 days so that I return to my ideal body weight and physique. I’ll be updating you on my progress.  Please share your own with me.


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