What’s Your Diet Type?

What’s Your Diet Type? I’ll bet no one has asked you that question before. Heather K. Jones, a registered dietician has written a book, What’s Your Diet Type? Use the Power of Your Personality to Determine Your Best Way to Lose Weight, with a fresh take on an old problem. Based on the traditional Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, this book helps you discover your eating personality.

Are you a player, planner, feeler or thinker? What’s Your Diet Type? explains that our individual personality and the preferences associated with it can actually help us determine a successful plan for losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We are not all the same and finally, a diet book both acknowledges and embraces that. While certain personality traits may be holding us back, Jones offers practical solutions that work to overcome our obstacles.

Once you determine your diet type, follow the plan that best suits your personality. Jones says, “The right approach will work with your schedule and compliment the way you live. The right approach will take advantage of your strengths and help you build healthy habits that will fit effortlessly into your lifestyle.”

What’s Your Diet Type? is written in a conversational tone that make it easy to read. It offers practical, tailor-made advice for healthy eating in any season.