100 Years Ago Today

One hundred years ago today, more than 5,000 suffragists marched in Washington, DC to fight for women’s right to vote.  Women suffragists came from all parts of the country, multiple religions, ethnic groups and levels of socioeconomic status. They were united in their desire to fight for their rights.  The courage and tenacity of these women made it possible for women not only to vote, but for me to be able to run for U.S. Congress today.

Many of us (myself included) are frustrated with the political process, but now is not the time to stop working to make things better.  Let the frustration serve as a call to action.  We must require more of our political leaders and replace those who fail to serve their constituents. Rep. Gwen Moore must be defeated. I am the woman to do that and I need your help.  In honor of this momentous day, please consider supporting me in my own run for U.S. Congress.

Your donation of $10, $25, $50 or more will enable me to officially declare myself a candidate and fund this grassroots initiative to win the election.