Hope That Senator-Elect Scott Brown Ushers a Change for Politics at Large and Republicans Specifically

I hope Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts marks a new beginning for the Republican party and for politics at large.   Republicans and all candidates must stand for something, they simply can’t just tow the party line or oppose those in power. This no longer plays with American voters.  As Brown said this morning on the Today show, “I look at every single issue on its merits whether it’s a good Democrat idea or good Republican idea.”  He calls himself a different kind of Republican who wants to solve problems regardless of partisanship.  This is what we need. 

Voters  refuse to accept that things have always been done one way and therefore, that’s the way they should continue be done.  No seat is owned by any individual, family, corporation or party. As Brown repeatedly said, “This is the people’s seat.” In no way is he diminishing the Kennedy legacy, however. Senator Ted Kennedy was an amazing man who tirelessly worked for change and Republicans and Democrats cannot deny his legacy. 

Critical thinkers question everything they are told, everything thing they believe and even that which they consider to be common sense.  While a policy sounds great in theory, its implications and results must be examined before enacting a law. 

A change is needed and perhaps this forces all politicians to require more of themselves and be better representatives of their constituents. The ways things have always been done is no longer acceptable and simply won’t be tolerated.  Americans are indeed becoming more critical thinkers.  Rather than vote along party lines, research and consideration of the issues as well as possible legislative outcomes must be given thorough reflection before votes are cast. 

And make no mistake about it.  Voters are watching.  In today’s ever-increasing era of transparency when news is received immediately (through Twitter, Facebook, cell phone video footage, etc.) without gatekeepers, we learn about pork barrel spending, failure to live up to campaign promises and ethical infractions faster than ever before.