More Collaboration is Necessary

Jenna Bush Hager interviewed former President Bill Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative University on April 18 in a piece that aired on the Today show April 19.  A Bush interviewing a Clinton isn’t as odd as it sounds.  The two have much more in common than they have differences. 

Hager is a teacher and a Today show contributor. Both share not only the unique experience of living in the White House, an interest in politics, but also a commitment to education.  Hager began her interview by thanking Clinton for engaging in the “rarity” of “a Bush interviewing a Clinton.” Clinton responded jokingly, “I was thinking, you know, if your family fed in questions I’d be cooked.”

“No, no. They love you,” said Hager. “In fact, they joke that you’re my grandfather’s stepson … because he talks about you more than he talks about anyone else in the family.”

Clinton said Barbara Bush often refers to him as the “black sheep” in the Bush family.

President Barrack Obama appointed former presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush to head up fundraising efforts in Haiti following the devastating earthquake.  This bi-partisan approach is so powerful because there are some things that are human issues and politics play no role. 

Critical thinkers must ask, what more could be accomplished if there were more collaborative efforts like these?