At the Very Least, Read the Bill

Ever since Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed an immigration bill into law on April 23, 2010 that is considered to be among the toughest in the United States, Americans across the country have been arguing over whether the law is legislating discrimination.  A poll by the Wall Street Journal and NBC this week says that 64 percent of American adults support the Arizona law.  Opponents of the law have called for a boycott of Arizona. 

It’s clear that these opinions are translating into actions.  A May 11, 2010 USA Today article reports, “tourism officials are growing increasingly concerned at the prospect of huge hotel and convention dollar losses because of fallout from the state’s new immigration law.”  A financial impact as huge as this is quite worrisome given today’s fragile economy. 

The USA Today article continues, “In Phoenix alone, David Krietor, a deputy city manager who is tracking the issue, said this week the city faces lost business worth about $90 million over the next five years.”

 How many of those actively engaged in the debate actually read the bill?

Attorney General Eric Holder admitted, during a meeting with the House Judiciary Committee on May 13, that he hadn’t read the bill.  Senate Bill 1040 is not a long or difficult bill to read.  It’s available on the Internet in PDF format to anyone willing to take the time to read it and it should be read before being either criticized or praised.

Holder is not alone in his failure to read the bill, but at least he was honest about it.  How many of those actively engaged in the immigration debate (or any legislative debate for that matter) actually read it? 

Critical thinkers can’t rely upon others’ interpretations of bills, interviews or events as fact.  It takes more effort to do the work and actually examine the evidence.  But the risks of not doing so are huge.


6 thoughts on “At the Very Least, Read the Bill

  1. Janet, the main reason for the bill is not for discrimination. Most people who live in Arizona are fed up with paying extra taxes because of “illegals” or “undocumented” anyone coming into Arizona. The increases have been on education which has yet to have decent test/grade scores than the average United States schools; paying higher taxes for welfare and for medical care. Most people who live in Arizona, who do not have health care insurance, are not happy that illegals/undocumented get health care and pay nothing for it.

    The idea with the immigration law is that most illegals walk right through the broken fences, or have traveled 50 miles underground before and after where the border actually is. I personally have seen Borderpatrol cars chase coyotes (those who bring illegals into the United States by van for money) at 70 to 80 miles an hour on my way to Tucson & back.
    This also costs, not just the federal government taxes but Arizona taxes.

    Many residents here who came from other countries llegally believe that illegals should not be here or at least come through the front door, llegally, like most others.

    Individuals who are illegal/undocumented in Arizona are not just from Mexico. Many come from other South American countries.

    • Neal, thank you for reading and for commenting! I am only just beginning to understand the financial burdens illegal or undocumented immigrants pose on taxpayers today.

      I’ve just begun extensive study on my own grandfather’s journey from Italy to Ellis Island in the early 1900s. I know that in order to enter this country, he had to pass health inspection, prove he had a place to live and means for support. While he was a young child at the time, I understand these rules applied to all immigrants.

  2. It’s their foremost congressional duty to read these bills. If not the congressperson then their staffers. If they aren’t, at the very least reading the bills, then what are they doing? I want to know. I contribute to these incomes.

    Oh, I understand now; If they prioritized their jobs, the media wouldn’t have as many escapades, and congress as much face time. My mistake (for allowing it).

    Vote the slackers out in November. Let’s take our country back.

    • William, I agree that it is the responsibility of all elected officials to read these bills. I also argue that American voters should read the bills. When a bill like the health care reform bill is so very long, this makes that difficult. That fact just adds strength to the argument to make bills free of earmarks and complex legalize.

  3. The reason AZ has had to re-create the IMMIGRATION LAW for our state, is because the FEDERAL LAW that PROHIBITS BEING HERE ILLEGALLY is not being enforced. I am a Native American & Az Native, we are not dividing minorities, never have. You all need to ask yourself, how you would feel if you found out that SOMEONE ELSE WAS USING YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER to WORK,GET SOCIAL SERVICES,or worse yet cause an accident without INSURANCE or a DRIVERS LICENSE. THIS IS WHAT ALL THE UPROAR IS ABOUT, Illegals are and have been the reason CRIME RATES continue to rise in my state. Your darn right I want them out!

    • D. Smith, I appreciate reading the opinion of a resident of AZ. Thank you for reading and for commenting. Your passsion is obvious and I hope this bill helps prevent rising crime rates in your state.

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