Are You Perpetuating the Culture of Hate?

It’s no secret that Americans are frustrated with the debt ceiling gridlock.  The issue is an economic one being exacerbated by politics. While  a recent poll by the Pew Research Group shows that Americans  seek compromise across party lines, social media sites are filled with attacks, insults and general mean-spiritedness that only perpetuate a culture of hate and further divides our nation.

While it may seem complex at first, the issue concerns raising the federal government’s borrowing authority so it can pay its bills on time to avoid a default. Failing to resolve this issue by the August 2 deadline could result in downgrade in our nation’s credit rating.  As most adults know, credit rating or credit scores are extremely important for individuals and are for the nation as well.  A downgrade could raise borrowing costs for consumers, businesses and government agencies.

Debating how to resolve the issue is a healthy part of democracy.  Using social media to express frustration is just one benefit of our precious freedom of speech.  Twitter is filled with hashtags boasting #GOPisEvil or #DebtofDuh and they do nothing to facilitate consensus.

Why aren’t more people making the connection between hate filled comments and our elected officials’ inability to compromise?  Critical thinkers must use restraint before taking to social media to vent frustration.



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