What’s it like to live in one of the 100 best places (according to Money Magazine)?

Money Magazine has ranked Whitefish Bay, WI 65th in its list of 100 of America’s Best Places to Live.  I think it should have ranked higher. The long winters probably accounted for the lower placement.  While winters here can be brutal, the summers are absolutely ideal.  Money has its own criteria for the annual list, but I have to think nearby employment, education and recreational opportunities and well as retail access play a big role in determining what is a great place to live.


Today was the type of day I’d like to remember forever because it really was about as close to perfect barring a lottery win.


The day began when my husband left for work at Harley-Davidson and since the traffic is so light (read nonexistent compared to what I’m used to having lived in the Washington, DC area for most of my life) his trip to the Milwaukee office takes between 10 to 15 minutes.  That’s a pretty nice commute.


My two older children began a week of morning camp offered through our the Whitefish Bay Recreation Department called Secret Agent Lab conducted by the Mad Science staff.  It’s held in the Lydell Community Center and that is just a few blocks from our home.  This afternoon, my children (all three this time) set off on our daily walk.  I often think that we look a bit like a small parade since two of my children ride their scooters and the other rides in the stroller, but there are so many children in our neighborhood that this is a familiar sight.  Today’s destination was the library and then a stop at the Whitefish Bay High School for a few laps around the track.


This evening we’ll stop by Dan Fitzgerald’s Pharmacy for candy on our way home from Klode Park.  I’d love to pick up dinner from the new City Market which just opened up, but I’ll be happy with the fresh ground beef, green beans and corn on the cob we bought at Sendik’s.  My husband is going to see a movie with my mom tonight at Fox-Bay Cinema Grill.  I’d go too but I have no desire to see Rise of the Planet of the Apes.  Fox-Bay is a great place and the owner is also a Whitefish Bay resident.  I may have to speak to him about his poor decision not to show The Help, however.


Whitefish Bay is a great place to live and I am happy that Money Magazine highlighted it in the recent issue.




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